Responsible Division: Finance and Administration
Approving Official: Kyle Clark
Effective Date: January 27, 2014
Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time.




Rule 6C2-2.009, F.A.C.
FSU Regulation 2.009

To specify the methods and responsibilities for the administration of the University Parking Program.

Each student, faculty, and staff member of Florida State University and representatives of commercial concerns, driving or parking a vehicle on University property, will be required to obtain a parking permit and abide by the driving and parking regulations stated in this policy and in the references specified above. A copy of the Rules and Regulations may be obtained online at www.transportation.fsu.edu. All regulations embodied in the Statutes of the State of Florida and in the Ordinances of the City of Tallahassee that govern and regulate vehicular traffic are applicable to and will be enforced on the Florida State University campus.

The University Transportation Services Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity for issues impacting the main campus parking services program.


1. Each motor vehicle must display a valid FSU parking permit prior to parking the vehicle on University property with the exception of meters or toll spaces.

2. Permits may be purchased www.transportation.fsu.edu.

3. Annual Parking permits for students expire on August 31st of each year. Multiple year permits for faculty and staff are payroll deducted on a year-round basis. The permits are to be affixed to the motor vehicle and displayed in accordance with the instructions.

4. Ten (10) temporary 1-day parking permits will be issued to the registered owner at no charge during each academic year if their original permit is unavailable. If the responsible party exceeds the ten (10) temporary permit limit within the academic year, they must purchase additional days at the applicable rate or request and purchase a replacement permit.

Visitors to the University may park in metered parking spaces located throughout campus or purchase a daily or semester "V" permit. Guests making prior arrangements with the host department may be issued temporary permits to park in student and faculty/staff facilities if required. The host department must request permits from the Transportation Services office in writing at least two days prior to the visit.

Those persons found to be in violation of parking regulations may be given citations by parking patrollers and University police officers. The citation form contains information pertinent to the citation, including a fee schedule. The recipient of an FSU citation may take one of the courses of action specified below.


Persons wishing to pay the fine may do so at the Student Financial Services office, University Center A-1500 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or mail payment to the specified address on the citation, or utilize the locked drop boxes located at the Student Financial Services' office or online at www.fees.fsu.edu.

Persons wishing to contest a citation shall, within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which the citation was issued, notify Transportation Services of his/her intent to contest. Citations may be appealed in person at the Transportation Services office, by written appeal, or via the on-line appeal form on the Parking web site.

No Action
Persons taking no action within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance of the parking citation will incur a late fee in the amount of $10.00. The account will then be turned over to the University Controller for collection, and will be subject to further collections actions including, but not limited to immobilization of vehicle (3 or more outstanding citations or standing citations totaling $50.00 or more), and involuntary payroll deduction (Rule 6C2-2.002 F.A.C.).


Transportation offers a suite of services including campus and city-wide bus service, night time transportation and more. For a list of current services, go to: http://www.transportation.fsu.edu/.

This program does NOT apply to the shuttle bus (known as the Spirit Express Shuttle) between Doak Campbell Stadium and the Donald L. Tucker Leon County Civic Center operated on football game day.