Policies and Procedures

OP-A Business Operations

OP-A-1 Commercial Solicitations
OP-A-2 Concessions Administration
OP-A-4 Food & Vending Services
OP-C-5 ID Card
OP-A-9 Internal Control Responsibility and Accountability
OP-C-6 Parking Regulations This policy has been renumbered OP-E-6. All other information remains unchanged
OP-A-5 Postal Services
OP-B-4 Management of Contracts and Leases
OP-H-3 Requisitioning Copier-Duplicator Equipment & Services
OP-D-3 Revenue Generating Contracts
OP-A-8 Supplier Diversity
OP-A-6 Procurement Services

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OP-B Facilities/Space

OP-B-2 Issuance of Keys/Access Control
OP-B-3 Leasing of Off-Campus Facilities
OP-B-4 Management of Contracts and Leases
OP-B-6 Rental of Off-Campus Facilities
OP-B-7 University Smoking Policy
OP-B-9 University Policy for Posting, Promotions, Advertising, Chalking, and the Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses
OP-B-10 Use of University Facilities
Addendum 1: Schedule of Charges for Academic & Administrative Space:
     Lecture Halls
Addendum 2: Schedule of Charges for:
     Oglesby Union
     Student Life Building
Addendum 3 - Ruby Diamond Auditorium
Addendum 4: Schedule of Charges for Recreational Space:
Addendum 5: Panama City Campus Space
OP-B-11 Facilities Design & Construction
OP-B-11-A Advertisements for Architect/Engineer and Construction Manager Services and Calls for Bid
OP-B-11-B Receipt and Opening of Construction Bid Proposals and Contract Award
OP-B-11-C Selection Process
      OP-B-11-C1 Architect/Engineer Selection Process
      OP-B-11-C2 Construction Manager Selection Process
OP-B-11-D Administration of Agreements
     OP-B-11-D1 Administration of Architect/Engineer Agreements
     OP-B-11-D2 Administration of Construction Manager Agreements
OP-B-11-Establishment of Construction Contract Time and Liquidated Damages
OP-B-11-F Construction Change Orders and Construction Change Directives
OP-B-11-G Evaluations
     OP-B-11-G1 Architect/Engineer Evaluations
     OP-B-11-G2 Construction Manager Evaluations
OP-B-11-H Capital Outlay Implementation Plans and Budget Releases and Encumbrance Authorizations (COIP)
OP-B-11-IDevelopment of Facilities Programs
Facilities Forms


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OP-C Faculty & Staff

Policy Name Policy Subheading
OP-C-4 Health Services  
      OP-C-7-A Classification 4-OP-C-7-A1 Office University Organization Charts
4-OP-C-7-A2 Funding Sources
4-OP-C-7-A3 Classification Actions
4-OP-C-7-A3.1 Establishing a Position
4-OP-C-7-A3.2 Reclassifying a Position
4-OP-C-7-A3.3 Updating a Position
4-OP-C-7-A3.4 Inactivation (Abolishment) of a Position
4-OP-C-7-A3.5 Amending a Position
4-OP-C-7-A3.6 Pay Additive Eligibility
4-OP-C-7-A3.7 Compensation Matrix
4-OP-C-7-A3.8 Time-Limited Position Designation
      OP-C-7-B Employment & Recruitment 4-OP-C-7-B1 General Employment
4-OP-C-7-B2 Advertising a Vacancy
4-OP-C-7-B3 Application for Employment
4-OP-C-7-B4 Interview and Selection
4-OP-C-7-B5 Non-Citizen Employment
4-OP-C-7-B6 Telecommuting
4-OP-C-7-B7 Temporary Applicants
4-OP-C-7-B8 Examinations
4-OP-C-7-B9 Employment References
4-OP-C-7-B10 Substitution of Equivalent Education, Training and Experience for Required College Degree
4-OP-C-7-B11 Criminal History Background Checks
      OP-C-7-C Benefits 4-OP-C-7-C1 State Sponsored Health, Life and Supplemental Insurance
4-OP-C-7-C2 Retirement
4-OP-C-7-C3 Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans
4-OP-C-7-C4 Solicitation
4-OP-C-7-C5 Deceased Employee Guidelines
4-OP-C-7-C6 Employee Tuition Scholarship Program
4-OP-C-7-C7 Grant-in-Aid-Tuition
4-OP-C-7-C8 Miscellaneous Benefits
4-OP-C-7-C9 Reemployment of Retirees
4-OP-C-7-C10 401(a) FICA Alternative Plan
      OP-C-7-D Hiring & Compensation 4-OP-C-7-D1 Original Appointment/Compensation for USPS and A&P Employees (Including Executive Service)
4-OP-D-7-D2 Reserved
4-OP-D-7-D3 Overlap
4-OP-D-7-D4 Pay Additives
4-OP-D-7-D5 Dual Compensation
4-OP-D-7-D6 Promotions
4-OP-D-7-D7 Compensation Tools
4-OP-D-7-D8 Demotions
4-OP-D-7-D9 Change in Assignment (Reassignment) and Transfers
4-OP-D-7-D10 Funding Changes/Re-Appointments/FTE Changes
4-OP-D-7-D11 Separation from Employment (Non-Renewal)
4-OP-D-7-D12 Moving Expenses
4-OP-D-7-D13 Perquisites
      OP-C-7-E Attendance & Leave
OP-C-7-E2 Sick Leave Pool
4-OP-C-7-E1.1 Hours of Work
4-OP-C-7-E1.2 Compensatory Leave and Holidays
4-OP-C-7-E1.3 Administrative Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.4 Annual Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.4 (A) Annual Leave Advancement
4-OP-C-7-E1.4 (B) Advanced Annual Leave For Natural Disasters
4-OP-C-7-E1.5 Sick Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.6 Disability Leave with Pay and Workers’ Compensation Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.7 Family and Medical Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.8 Parental Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.9 Military Leave
4-OP-C-7-E1.10 Other Leaves Without Pay
4-OP-C-7-E1.11 Domestic Violence Leave and Sexual Violence Leave
4-OP-C-7-E2 Sick Leave Pool
      OP-C-7-F Training & Development

      OP-C-7-G Employee & Labor Relations 4-OP-C-7-G1 Evaluation of A&P And USPS Employee Performance
4-OP-G-7-G2 Complaint Procedure, USPS and A&P
4-OP-G-7-G3 Reserved
4-OP-G-7-G4 Layoff, USPS
4-OP-G-7-G5 Guidelines for Discipline for USPS and A&P Employees
4-OP-G-7-G6 Predetermination for USPS and A&P Employees
4-OP-G-7-G7 Standards for Employee Ethics
4-OP-G-7-G8 License Requirements for Operating University-Owned Vehicles
4-OP-G-7-G9 Contract Cancellation Without Cause of A&P Staff
4-OP-G-7-G10 HIV/AIDS and Communicable Diseases
4-OP-G-7-G11 Alternative Discipline Program
4-OP-G-7-G12 See 4-OP-C-7-B11 Criminal History Background Check
4-OP-G-7-G13 Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
      OP-C-7-H Other Personal Services (OPS) 4-OP-C-7-H1 Hiring Other Personal Services (OPS) Workers
4-OP-C-7-H2 Graduate Teaching Assistants
4-OP-C-7-H3 Federal Work study Program
4-OP-C-7-H4 OPS Attendance and Leave
4-OP-C-7-H5 One Time Pays
9-7 Postdoctoral Scholar Hiring Procedures and Appointment Letters
      OP-C-7-I Equal Opportunity & Compliance (EOC) 4-OP-C-7-I1 Americans with Disabilities Act
4-OP-C-7-I2 Employee Grant-In-Aid
4-OP-C-7-I3 Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Non-Retaliation Policy and Procedures
4-OP-C-7-I4 Sexual Harassment
4-OP-C-7-I5 Waiver of Advertisement
4-OP-C-7-H6 Break Time for Nursing Mothers
      OP-C-7-J General 4-OP-C-7-J1 Employee Recognition Program
4-OP-C-7-J2 Outside Employment
4-OP-C-7-J3 Reserved
4-OP-C-7-J4 Volunteers

      4-OP-C-7-K Domestic Partner Benefits  
      4-OP-C-7-L Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy  
      Glossary of Terms  
OP-C-9 Use of State Vehicles  
OP-C-10 Workplace Violence Guidelines  
OP-C-12 Sexual Battery Policy  
OP-C-13 Policy against Fraudulent, Unethical and other Dishonest Acts  

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OP-D Financial

Policy Name Policy Subheading
OP-D-1 Budget Office – Auxiliary Operations General Guidelines & Procedures
Guidelines & Procedures Specific to an Auxiliary Operation's Classification
OP-D-2-A Construction Accounting Capitalization   
OP-D-2-B Cash Management Cash Collection Point
General Internal Control Requirements
Payments Received by Check
Payments Received by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ACH or Wire Transfer
OP-D-2-C Payables & Disbursements University Prompt Payment Policy
Purchases from Contract and Grant Budgets
Payments to Outside Vendors
Blanket Purchase Orders
Confirming Purchase Orders
Non-Travel Reimbursements
Credit Invoices
Purchase Order Monitoring
Interdepartmental Transactions
Authorized Signatures
Delivery Services
Special Handling Requests
Expenditure Guideline
OP-D-2-D Travel Authority to Incur Travel Expenses
Official Headquarters
Computation of Travel Time for Reimbursement
Domestic Lodging, Meals, and Related Expenses
Transportation and Related Expenses
Miscellaneous Transportation Related Expenses
Travel Advances
Direct Payment of Expenses by the University
Fraudulent Claims
Sponsored Project Travel
Requirements for Reimbursement of Expenditures by Physically Handicapped Travelers
Worker's Compensation for Injuries Incurred During Travel
Interest Penalty
Foreign Travel
Charter Aircraft Service
Travel Expenses
OP-D-2-E Payroll Responsibilities
Internal Controls
Human Resource / Payroll Reports
Payroll Schedule
Pay and Leave
Direct Deposit
Paper Paychecks
Paycheck Reversals
Withholding Tax and FICA
Leave Payments
Beneficiary Payments
Overtime Payments
Salary Overpayments
W-2 Distribution
Retroactive Distribution of Funding
Withholding Adjustments
Taxable Fringe Benefits
Independent Contractors & Employer-Employee Relationships
OP-D-2-F Property Responsibilities
Safeguarding of University Property
Acquisition of Property
Internally Generated Intangible Assets
Donated Property
Fabrication of Equipment
Capital Asset Property Identification Number
Property Inventory of Capital Assets
Location or Department Code Change of Property
Removal of Property from Campus Locations
Disposition of University Property
Transfer of Equipment Acquired with Contract or Grant Funds
Capitalization of Assets
OP-D-2-G Payment Card New Merchant Applications
Existing Merchants Changes in Payment Card Processing
Payment Card Types
Types of Payment Card Transactions
Security Requirements
Network Vulnerability Scanning
Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
Employee Training
Security Breach
OP-D-2-H Investments Investment Objective
Prudence and Ethical Standards
Maturity and Liquidity Requirements
Performance Measurement
Risk and Diversification
External Investment Managers and Consultants
Authorized Investment Institution and Dealers
Third-Party Custodial Agreements
Master Repurchase Agreement
Bid Requirement
Internal Controls
Continuing Education
Authorized Investments
Prohibited Securities
OP-D-2-I Electronic Funds Transfer  
OP-D-3 Revenue Generating Contracts  

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OP-E General University

OP-E-1 University Attorney/General Counsel
OP-B-7 University Smoking Policy
OP-E-3 United States Flag Etiquette
OP-E-4 Use of the University Name and Identity Symbol
OP-E-5 Emergency Managment
OP-E-6 Parking Regulations

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OP-F Records/Information

OP-F-3 Records Management
OP-F-4 University Archives Policy
OP-F-5 Uniform Charge Procedure - Public Records
OP-F-6 Destruction/Shredding of Confidential Documents and Records
OP-F-7 Policy on Safeguarding of Confidential Financial and Personal Information

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OP-G Safety/Insurance

OP-G-1 Environmental Health and Safety
OP-G-2 Industrial Hygiene
OP-G-3 Biological Safety
OP-G-4 Chemical Safety
OP-G-5 Laboratory Safety
OP-G-6 Radiation Safety
OP-G-7 Building and Construction Safety
OP-G-8 Fire Safety
OP-G-9 Emergency Managment This policy has been renumbered OP-E-5. All other information remains unchanged.
OP-G-10 Insurance, Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation
OP-G-11 Safety Training

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OP-H Technology

OP-H-4 Telecommunication Services
OP-H-6 Use of University Information Technology Resources
OP-H-7 University Cellular Communication Services Allowance Policy
OP-H-8 Wireless Data Communications
OP-H-9 Information Technology Security
OP-H-10 Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Backup Data Policy
OP-H-11 Network Access and Use Policy
OP-H-12 Primary Identifier Policy