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4-OP-C-7-D13 PERQUISITES -- 091817

Responsible Executive: Finance and Administration
Approving Official: Vice President of Finance and Administration
Effective Date: September 12, 2017
Last Revision Date: 1/14/2014, readopted



Perquisites not normally provided to all employees shall be job or class related and documented to demonstrate that the approval of the perquisites is in the best interest of the University.


This policy specifies the justification and procedures for furnishing items and/or services to individual employees in instances where such items or services are not normally provided to all employees.


1. The University may furnish perquisites to certain employees who are required to use special equipment or wear certain clothing, such as safety shoes, uniforms and the like for purposes of safety or identification.

2. Departments requiring employees to use such items will pay for the perquisites. Maintenance of perquisites may be paid from departmental funds (refer to departmental policy).

3. After obtaining approval to provide a perquisite, departments will requisition all uniforms, equipment, and assorted items through the University’s Procurement Services Department (Procurement Services).

4. Approval of a perquisite is secured through the Office of Human Resources (Human Resources) and the appropriate division vice president.

5. Markings and Insignia. The contracting organization selected by Procurement Services will affix markings and insignia to uniforms. Other attachments, markings, or identification will not be permitted. The University department requiring uniforms will coordinate the assignment of colors for uniforms and has final approval of the choice of colors.

6. Cleaning of Uniforms. The method of cleaning uniforms is determined by department policy. The University department and contracting organization will establish replacement, pickup, and delivery schedules in conjunction with the department furnishing uniforms to employees. The department furnishing uniforms to employees will provide space within its facilities for the temporary storage of uniforms awaiting pickup and delivery.

7. Wearing of Uniforms. Uniforms will be worn during working hours as specified by department policy. Uniforms may be worn to and from work at the discretion of the department or division head, but are otherwise not to be worn while off duty. If an employee is required to change into uniform before beginning work or to change back into personal clothing before leaving work, the time required will be included in time worked. Employees will be responsible for adhering to departmental policies and procedures for cleaning uniforms. Uniforms will be returned to the issuing department when an employee terminates employment. Failure on the part of the employee to do so will result in the employee being charged for the uniform(s). The charges will be at the depreciated value plus $1.00 per set or part thereof. All emblems and insignia must be removed from any uniform(s) or parts not returned.

a. Uniforms for new employees will be ordered only after the employee has been on the payroll for 30 days.

b. Used uniforms will be utilized when possible for new employees, or destroyed if unserviceable.

c. Damage to Perquisites. An employee who intentionally damages clothing, equipment, or facilities provided as University perquisites may be required to reimburse the University for replacement cost, and is subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the University Guidelines for Disciplinary Action.

d. Aprons, smocks, and other partial covering. Aprons, smocks, safety glasses/goggles, or other such garments may be furnished for the protection and/or safety of an employee or of employee clothing in laboratories and other areas where personal safety is needed and/or personal clothing may be soiled or damaged.

Such items are not considered perquisites and may be purchased at the discretion of the department or division head. There is, however, a state requirement to document the purchase and/or laundering of these items.


1. Requesting a perquisite:

a. All original requests to provide perquisites are to be made by the completion of the Request for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services form.

b. The completed request is submitted to Human Resources for review and recommendation to the appropriate division vice president for final action.

c. The vice president's office returns the Request for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services form to Human Resources.

d. Human Resources will return the original with appropriate signatures to the requesting department for action.

e. The requesting department will contact Procurement Services to coordinate the requisitioning and maintenance of the perquisites through a contracting organization.

2. Reporting Non-perquisite items:

a. The reporting of items provided to employees for their safety and/or protection in the performance of their duties that are not perquisites, is to be submitted to Human Resources. The reporting of such items is to be made by the completion of the Request for Approval of Perquisites or Sale of Goods and Services form.

b. The completed form is to be submitted to Human Resources.

c. The requesting department will contact Procurement Services to coordinate the requisitioning and maintenance of non-perquisite items.


The Board of Trustees has delegated its authority over personnel programs to the President which is further delegated to the Vice President. Constitutional authority, Florida Board of Governors regulations, and University regulations authorize the policy:

Florida Constitution Article IX, Section 7; 
Sections 1001.706(6)(a), F.S.; 
Florida Board of Governors Regulation 1.001(5)(a); 
Florida State University Board of Trustees Regulations FSU-4.001.

This policy shall be reviewed by the Chief Human Resources Officer every seven years for its effectiveness. The Office of Human Resources shall make recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for any modification or elimination.