Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Florida State University Online Policies and Procedures

This website has been created to provide instant access to the most current, up-to-date official policies that govern the faculty, staff, and students of The Florida State University. The policies contained herein supersede any printed version and take priority over any version that may appear elsewhere online. Additional administrative and academic pertaining to faculty and students may be found in the General Bulletin, Graduate Bulletin, Registration Guide, Faculty Handbook or Student Handbook.

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These policies have been created to provide a safe, fair, and ethical environment that supports FSU's mission and values as well as any applicable local, state and federals laws. Faculty, staff, and students are expected to be familiar with these policies and abide by the guidelines they provide.

The Policies and Procedures included within these web pages are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary due to changes in either the current law or an administrative need. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a policy contained within this site please contact Melanie Welch at 850-644-7934.

Policy Revision and Updates

Should a revison or update be needed at any time, the revised policy shall be posted below for 21 days to allow all parties the opportunity to review and comment on all proposed changes prior to implementation. All questions, comments and/or concerns pertaining to these should be sent to Melanie Welch at mwelch@fsu.edu prior to the end of the notice period.

No policies are under revision at this time.