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Policies and Procedures

Finance & Administration

Faculty & Staff

Glossary of Terms

OP-C-4 Health Services

4-OP-C-7-A Non-Faculty Position Classification


4-OP-C-7-B Employment & Recruitment


4-OP-C-7-C Benefits


4-OP-C-7-D Hiring & Compensation


4-OP-C-7-E Attendance & Leave


4-OP-C-7-E2 Sick Leave Pool


4-OP-C-7-F Training & Development


4-OP-C-7-G Employee & Labor Relations

  • Evaluation of A&P And USPS Employee Performance
  • Complaint Procedure, USPS and A&P
  • Reserved
  • Layoff, USPS
  • Guidelines for Discipline for USPS and A&P Employees
  • Predetermination for USPS and A&P Employees
  • Standards for Employee Ethics
  • License Requirements for Operating University-Owned Vehicles
  • Contract Cancellation Without Cause of A&P Staff
  • HIV/AIDS and Communicable Diseases
  • Alternative Discipline Program
  • Criminal History Background Check
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Program


4-OP-C-7-H Other Personal Services (OPS)

  • Hiring Other Personal Services (OPS) Workers
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Federal Work study Program
  • OPS Attendance and Leave
  • One Time Pays
  • Postdoctoral Scholar Hiring Procedures and Appointment Letters


4-OP-C-7-I Equal Opportunity & Compliance (EOC)

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Employee Grant-In-Aid
  • Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Non-Retaliation Policy and Procedures
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Waiver of Advertisement
  • Break Time for Nursing Mothers


4-OP-C-7-J General

  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Outside Employment
  • Reserved
  • Volunteers


4-OP-C-7-L Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy

4-OP-C-9 Use of State Vehicles

4-OP-C-10 Workplace Violence Guidelines

4-OP-C-12 Sexual Battery Policy

4-OP-C-13 Policy against Fraudulent, Unethical and other Dishonest Acts