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Policies and Procedures

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration Policies and Procedures

This resource provides access to the latest official policies and procedures governing the university community concerning services under Finance & Administration. The policies contained herein supersede any printed version and take priority over any version that may appear elsewhere online.

Additional administrative and academic policies and procedures pertaining to faculty and students: FSU Regulations & Policies, Student BulletinsFaculty HandbookStudent Handbook.

Policy Development Process Memorandum

This memorandum outlines policy development procedures for all departments in the Division of Finance and Administration (“F&A”). All university policies are adopted according to the procedures established in FSU Policy 2-1, Development and Approval of University Policies.


These policies have been created to provide a safe, fair and ethical environment that supports FSU's mission and values as well as any applicable local, state and federals laws. Faculty, staff and students are expected to be familiar with these policies and abide by the guidelines they provide.

The Policies and Procedures included within these web pages are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary due to changes in either the current law or an administrative need. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a policy contained within this site please email