4-OP-B-2 Issuance of Keys/Access Control

4-OP-B-3 Leasing of Off-Campus Facilities

4-OP-B-4 Management of Contracts and Leases

4-OP-B-6 Rental of Off-Campus Facilities

4-OP-B-7 University Smoking Policy

4-OP-B-9 University Policy for Posting, Promotions, Advertising, Chalking, and the Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses

4-OP-B-10 Use of University Facilities

4-OP-B-11 Facilities Design & Construction

4-OP-B-12 Design Building Selection Process

4-OP-B-13 Construction Program Audits, Reviews and Attestations

4-OP-B-14 Administration of Design Build Agreements

4-OP-B-15 Management of Furniture and Equipment Budgets

4-OP-B-16 Guaranteed Energy, Water and Wastewater Performance Savings Contract

Facilities Forms