4-OP-B-9 University Policy for Posting, Promotions, Advertising, Chalking, and the Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses

Responsible Executive:  Board of Trustees

Approving Official:           Board of Trustees

Effective Date:                  June 2008

Last Revision Date:          Unrevised at this time.


  • Board of Trustees


  • To set forth rudimentary procedures for managing contracts and leases that are initiated by employees of the University, its divisions, departments, institutes, or centers.


  • The FSU Posting Regulation has been adopted for the purposes described below:
    1. Creation of an educational campus culture. FSU is committed to creating a campus which supports the academic mission of the university, provides a campus culture conducive to learning, and is free from obscene materials and hostile workplace environments.
    2. Information and Promotion. To provide information and a means for FSU entities to promote activities, events, and services as well as allow for the announcement of matters directly related to the health, safety, security, or welfare of the university community.
    3. Regulation of Commercial Material. To protect the campus from commercial and promotional materials and activities sponsored by non-FSU entities and to protect the health, safety and welfare of the students entrusted to the university.
    4. Appearance of the Physical Environment. To maintain and improve the appearance of the physical environment of the campus such that it be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and visitors. The campus should be free from excessive and abusive postings, chalking, and litter which defaces and depreciates the value of the grounds and facilities of the campus.
    5. Sustainability. To cultivate a campus atmosphere that supports a sustainable environment by means of reducing the amount of paper used for posting, eliminating use of products that have a negative impact on the environment, and encouraging recycling of materials. Thus electronic distribution of materials and Oglesby Union tabling shall be encouraged over paper postings.
    6. Provide Notice. To provide all entities with information and terms of this regulation so they are well informed of the terms and the consequences should the regulation be broken.
    1. The university has the right to deny or remove any posting, material, individual or entity not in adherence with terms of this regulation, regardless of promotional, commercial or informational in nature.
    2. All materials must be clear and legible, bear the name of the sponsoring FSU entity and provide event and current contact information.
    3. Campus entities are responsible for immediate clean up and/or removal of materials that are in violation of terms of this regulation; otherwise, materials are to be removed within 24-hours of completion of an event.
    4. Any entity that posts, chalks, displays, or distributes materials in a way that damages university property is financially responsible for the damage.
    5. Materials posted or distributed may not: glorify, edify, promote or support the use or sale of alcohol and illegal drugs; display trademarks and or brand names of alcohol or illegal drug products; contain material that is obscene or defamatory; be directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action.
    6. Posted or distributed material by FSU entities does not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs or practices of The Florida State University.
    7. Bulletin or posting boards maintained and monitored by university offices or departments do not fall under this posting regulation. Permission to post materials on these posting boards must be obtained through the appropriate university department.
    8. FSU departments, offices or units may impose area-specific procedures for posting and promotions on their posting boards and/or facilities so long as the minimum requirements of this regulation are upheld.
    9. The placement of any material and/or free-standing signs on vehicles, sidewalks, walkways or any paved areas is prohibited, except for emergency, safety, warning or directional signs placed by university officials acting on behalf of the university to announce a matter directly related to the health, safety or welfare of the university community.
    10. Exceptions to the terms of this regulation may be granted by the university President or designee in cases where the materials intended to be posted/distributed are directly related to the mission or goals of the university or to protect the safety and welfare of the university community.
    11. FSU Branch Campuses will develop area-specific procedures in addition to these General Provisions to suit appropriate campus needs.
    1. The Active distribution or passing/handing out of materials shall be limited to the designated locations on the maps located at posting.fsu.edu.
    1. Posting of materials is limited to the corked portion of designated outdoor posting kiosks per the maps located at posting.fsu.edu.
    2. No more than one (1) flier per event, maximum size of 8.5"X11", may be posted on the same kiosk at any time.
    3. Posting in or on an FSU facility is prohibited without approval of manager or director of the facility.
    1. Chalking on campus is permitted only on the designated concrete-paved sidewalks on the maps located at posting.fsu.edu. Chalking on brick surfaces is prohibited.
    2. Chalking must be done with a water-soluble powder substance, in open, horizontal areas that can be directly washed by rain.
    1. The placement of Free-Standing signs on campus is limited to the promotion of events or activities for up to 7 days prior to its occurrence and must be removed within 24-hours upon completion of the event/activity.
    2. Up to Five (5) A-Frames/Sandwich Boards/Tee Pees, (no larger than 4’X3’) and Ten (10) Stake Signs (no larger than 24”X18”) may be placed on campus at one time for a single event/activity.
    3. The placement of free-standing signs must be in accordance with terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are not to block sidewalks or walkways per the maps located at posting.fsu.edu.
    4. Signs may be removed or special requests denied due to: harm posed to the university community; damage or deterioration by inclement weather; excessive postings; or space constraints.
    1. The placement of any banner on or inside a building or any other structure must be approved by the Director of Facilities or designee with the exception of banners hung at the Oglesby Union or at any residence hall, which must be approved via their respective departmental procedures. Visit posting.fsu.edu for contact information regarding banner display.
    1. Additional posting provisions are extended to Student Government Association elections and any other university-wide event as endorsed by the University President or designee beginning seven (7) calendar days prior to the event and ending within 24-hours of completion of the event.
    2. Materials for posting on outdoor kiosks may be up to 16”X20” in size.
    3. Up to Ten (10) A-Frames/Sandwich Boards/Tee Pees, (no larger than 4’X3’) and Twenty (20) Stake Signs (no larger than 24”X18”) may be placed on campus at locations designated at posting.fsu.edu.
    4. The placement of balloons or other material on any object or the distribution/placement of materials outside of the provisions in this regulation for designated special events only is subject to the approval of the Director of the Oglesby Union or designee at least 7 days prior to desired occurrence. Visit posting.fsu.edu for contact information regarding special requests under this provision.
    1. The active distribution and/or posting of material, and the placement of free-standing signs during federal, state and local elections is limited to candidates running for office and their representatives pursuant to the locations designated at posting.fsu.edu.
    2. Materials are not to be posted or distributed inside of or at the entrance or exit ways to buildings or facilities including athletic/recreational venues and fields.
    1. University officials and members of the university community are to take the appropriate action to uphold a positive campus culture by educating the citizens of the community, encouraging positive participation in campus activities, and addressing any improper posting, chalking, or distribution of materials on FSU campuses.
    2. Any entity whose postings, promotions or actions violate any terms of this regulation are subject to sanctions that may include but are not limited to warnings, restitution, loss or suspension of privileges, trespass or expulsion from campus, and or disciplinary/legal action.
    3. Enforcement of this regulation and assignment of sanctions shall reside in the Division of Student Affairs for individual student and student organization cases; the Dean of Faculties for faculty related violations; the Office of Human Resources for staff related violations and the Vice President for Finance and Administration for all other groups, including outside groups, organizations, and individuals.
    4. Updates to locations for postings, chalking, free-standing signs, and distribution of materials (that do not change terms of this regulation) are to be recommended and approved by a committee appointed by the University President or designee on an annual basis.