4-OP-E-4 Use of the University Name and Identity Symbol

Responsible Executive:‚Äč Office of the Provost

Approving Official: Provost

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time


  • To specify the policies and procedures concerning the use of the University name and all official symbols that identify the University.


  • Many emblems identify Florida State University, including, but not limited to, its name, the University seal, triple torch logo, and the University athletic team symbols. Certain of the University's symbols or logos are registered as trademarks or service marks of the University in the State, with the Federal registry, Customs and Internationally. The University therefore has certain rights with regard to their use.
      1. The name "Florida State University" is to appear on all official documents of the University. Those include stationery, envelopes, business cards, identification cards, business forms, legal contracts where authorized by law or Florida Board of Education policy, and any other medium used in an official university capacity. Abbreviations or contractions of the name such as FSU or Florida State are not acceptable substitutes for use on official documents, but may be used as appropriate on other documents, subject to the approval of the Director of University Trademark Licensing.
      1. Individuals associated with the University who are publishing their works privately, and constituent units of the University that are publishing work prepared in or for their units, are not necessarily entitled to use as the imprint of the publisher of their works either the name "Florida State University" or the names of their units. Individual authors and units of the University that contemplate publishing work should address questions concerning the proper use of the University imprint to the Chair of the University Academic Press and Publications Board.
      1. Where permission is necessary, the use of any registered University symbol or logo shall be by written agreement between the University and the user. Any individual, group, or organization desiring to use registered university symbols or logos, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, should contact the Director of University Trademark Licensing, who shall be responsible for determining the appropriateness of such use, and the execution of any necessary written agreement extending permission for use. All requests received by other university offices for permission to use the University's name, symbols or logos should be referred to the Director of University Trademark Licensing. Proceeds derived from the use of university symbols or logos by third parties shall accrue to the Seminole Boosters, Inc. or other departments as determined by the President or designee.
      2. The Director of University Trademark Licensing shall be responsible for general monitoring of the use of the University's registered symbols or logos and shall report to the Office of the University Attorney all uses which may constitute infringement of the University's registration.
    4. DISPLAY
      1. Symbols protected by the State of Florida registration are to be displayed with the designation "tm" or "tm reg. State of Florida". Symbols protected by Federal Registration are to be displayed with the designation circle "R" as Federally registered.