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Policies and Procedures

Finance & Administration

4-OP-C-7-L Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy

Responsible Executive:​ Finance and Administration
Approving Official: Vice President for Finance & Administration
Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Last Revision Date: 1/1/2014



This policy ensures a fair and measured approach to employment of relatives and avoids the conflicts that can arise from nepotism.  The objective of this policy is to emphasize that employment actions will be based on job-related qualifications.


No individual shall be hired or employed (full-time, part-time, temporary, or student worker) in a department or unit which will result in the existence of a subordinate-supervisor relationship between the individual and any relative, as defined below, through any direct or indirect line of authority.

A. Scope and Coverage

This policy applies to all University employees (faculty, staff, and OPS) and all applicants for employment.
This policy does not apply to:

1. Any individual employed before July 1, 2016, in any department or unit where a relative of that individual then holds a superior position at least one level of supervision removed from the individual in any line of authority; or 

2. Exceptions approved by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (staff) or the Provost (faculty), and endorsed by the Chief Human Resources Officer as being clearly in the best interests of the University.

B. Definitions

For the purposes of this policy:

1. Relatives: are individuals related to each other in one of the following ways, whether by blood, adoption, marriage (in-laws/step), or other legal action: spouses; parents; grandparents; children; grand-children; siblings; aunts/uncles; or nieces/nephews.

2. Line of authority: means authority extending vertically through one or more organizational levels of supervision or management. Deans, Directors, and Department Heads are responsible for ensuring that relatives (as defined above) do not control the scheduling, timekeeping, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, or other employment and payroll functions for employees in this category.

C. Administration

This policy is administered by the Vice President for Finance and Administration with the assistance of the Chief Human Resources Officer.


The President holds delegated authority from the Board of Trustees to establish personnel policies. Constitutional authority, state statutes, Florida Board of Governors, and University regulations authorize the policy:

Florida Constitutional Article IX Section 7; 
Florida Statutes Section 1001.706(6)(a); 
Florida Board of Governors Regulation 1.001(2)(e) and (5)(a); and 
Florida State Board of Trustees Regulation 4.001.

This policy shall be reviewed by the Chief Human Resources Officer every seven years for its effectiveness. The Office of Human Resources shall make recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for any modification or elimination.