4-OP-C-7-J General

Responsible Executive: Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President of Finance and Administration

Effective Date: August 12, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time.


  • The Florida State University Employee Recognition Program provides for recognition of eligible employees.
  • The University is authorized to expend State funds for recognition awards to employees in compliance with this rule. Any award will be contingent upon availability of funds. Nothing in this rule is intended to govern expenditure of private funds to which the University may have access.


  • BOG Regulation 1.001(5)(a)
  • FSU Regulation FSU-4.065


  • The awards provided for herein shall acknowledge employee achievement in the following two components:
    1. Superior Accomplishment - Exemplary performance by faculty members, or Administrative and Professional (A&P) or University Support Personnel System (USPS) employees, who are deemed to have significantly contributed to their respective field, thereby reflecting positively on the caliber of the University. Such recognized accomplishments may be either tangible ones promoting savings or revenue generation or intangible ones promoting other desired improvements without a fixed monetary benefit.

      Awards for Superior Accomplishment
      1. Awards for superior accomplishment may be presented to eligible employees on an individual basis or collectively for outstanding group performance.
      2. No cash award granted under the superior accomplishment component shall exceed $1,000. Savings Bonds or other items in lieu of cash may be awarded, provided the cost of the item does not exceed $1,000.
      3. The University may award certificates, pins, plaques, letters of commendation, or other appropriate tokens of recognition for superior accomplishment, provided the cost of the token does not exceed $100.
    2. Service - Sustained satisfactory service with the University by faculty members, A&P or USPS employees.
      1. Eligible employees may also be recognized for service upon retirement. 
      2. Eligible employees may also be recognized upon achieving increments of five (5) continuous years of satisfactory service at the employing university.
      3. Service Awards
        1. The University may recognize retiring employees whose service has been satisfactory. Awards for retirees may take the form of suitable framed certificates, pins, or other tokens of recognition and appreciation, provided such awards do not cost in excess of $100 each. 
        2. The University may recognize employees who have attained continuous satisfactory service in increments of five (5) years. Awards for satisfactory service may take the form of suitable framed certificates, pins or other tokens of recognition, provided such awards do not cost in excess of $100 each.



  • University AEX, A&P, USPS, and OPS employees may undertake outside employment, provided it does not interfere with the regular work of the employee and does not result in any conflict of interest between the outside activity and the University.
  • Before assuming outside employment or upon employment, an employee must obtain University approval in writing. It is the obligation of the employee to inform his/her supervisor of all outside employment. Situations regarding outside employment which are not satisfactorily resolved between the employee and supervisor should be referred to the Employee & Labor Relations section of Human Resources.



  • To specify the methods and responsibilities involved in University employees giving notice concerning outside employment whether in the public or private sector.
      1. Approval of outside employment is to be requested in writing. AEX, A&P, USPS, and OPS employees seeking approval for outside employment must complete the Statement Concerning Outside Employment. This form must be initially approved by the immediate supervisor and forwarded to the appropriate Vice President or designee for final approval. If the immediate supervisor is a dean, Vice President, or the President, that official makes the initial and final approval of the action.
      2. If an OPS employee is working with another state agency, there may be fiscal implications to the employee’s additional appointment at FSU. If under the Affordable Health Care Act, the employee becomes eligible for benefits through the state, the department may be responsible for the full employer premiums or a portion of the employer premiums.
      3. After final approval, the outside employment form with original signatures will be placed in the employee's official personnel file located in Human Resources. A copy is returned to the employee's department. When the request includes an intended use of University facilities, equipment, or personnel, approval may be conditioned upon reimbursement to the University for any costs resulting from such use.
      4. No employee shall claim to be an official University representative in connection with any outside employment.
    2. RENEWAL
      1. When outside employment changes occur, the employee must submit a new request for approval.
      2. Questions regarding the content of this procedure should be directed to the Administrative Section of the Human Resources Department.




  • Florida State University complies with Florida Statutes Chapter 110.501-05, by providing a receptive climate for citizen volunteers. The departmental appointing authority is responsible for development of meaningful opportunities for volunteers involved in programs administered by Florida State University. The appointing authority must complete the "Record of Volunteer Service" form prior to volunteer services being rendered. (see below for guidance)


  • Florida Statute Chapters 110.501 and 768.28
  • FSU General Employment Policies
  • State Workers' Compensation Guidelines
  • Fair Labor Standards Act 216


  • To specify methods and responsibilities involved in utilizing the services of volunteers to assist in programs administered by Florida State University.
      1. The recruitment, screening, and employment of volunteer workers shall be performed in accordance with the general provisions of the University General Employment Policy.
      2. An individual may not be a volunteer when the volunteer hours involve the same type service which the individual is employed to perform for the same agency. (An employee may not volunteer to do what they are otherwise paid for.)
      3. If the service is required for course work at FSU, the person is considered a student and not a volunteer. Students are not covered by worker's compensation and are not required to complete the "Record of Volunteer Service" form.
      4. "Volunteering" must meet a very specific definition (i.e. may not displace someone who would ordinarily be paid to do the same job).
      1. Each departmental appointing authority utilizing the services of volunteers shall:
        1. Identify and record the type of duties and responsibilities of the volunteer services to be rendered.
        2. Complete the "Record of Volunteer Service" form found at the Human Resources Form Index website under the "Hiring and Compensation, Attendance, and Leave" section. These forms are required for the purpose of documenting FSU's volunteer services and serves as supporting documentation in Workers Compensation claims. The "Record of Volunteer Service" is to be maintained in the department's records for two years.
        3. Take such actions as are necessary to ensure that volunteers understand their duties and responsibilities and include a discussion of safety and accident reporting procedures of Florida State University.
        4. Provide for recognition of volunteers who have offered continuous and outstanding services to state administered programs.
      1. Volunteers who have access to documents or systems containing confidential records must be made aware of the expectation for maintaining such confidentiality. If this is applicable, they must sign a statement of confidentiality.
      1. Workers' Compensation
        1. Volunteers shall be covered by State liability protection in accordance with the provisions of Section 768.28, Florida Statutes. Volunteers should be provided a copy of the standard Workers' Compensation guidelines as found in the USPS/A&P or Faculty new employee packet. The volunteer must sign a statement of receipt that is retained in the department files.

          NOTE: If the service is required for course work at FSU, the person is considered a student and not a volunteer. Students are not covered by worker's compensation.
        2. Upon notification of a job-connected injury sustained by a volunteer, adhere to the reporting requirements for Workers' Compensation. (See Environmental Health and Safety Operating Procedures)
      2. Meals, lodging and transportation - Reimbursement may be furnished when in accordance with all referenced Florida Statutes and approved by the respective departmental policy.
      3. Mail, Internet and Campus Directory - The department with which the volunteer is associated determines appropriateness for receiving mail, inclusion in the campus directory or Internet directory in accordance with its internal policy. Volunteers may receive these services by completing an "Inclusion of Non-FSU Employee in Directory/Web" form.

        If the volunteer requires library privileges, a courtesy appointment is required and must be accomplished through the Personnel Action form or the Faculty Change Order/Termination form and appropriate signatures.
      4. Volunteers may be provided with "nominal" fees from a public agency, however, the fee may not substitute for compensation and may not be tied to productivity. As a general rule, actions that create an employer-employee relationship should be avoided.