4-OP-G-1 Environmental Health and Safety

Responsible Executive:‚Äč Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time


  • EH&S will work to ensure that activities conducted at FSU are in compliance with regulations, statutes, guidance, and prudent practices applicable to the area of concern. Each departmental program area will reference the appropriate selection of federal, state, and/or local rules.


  • The objective of the environmental health and safety policies at FSU is to ensure that faculty, staff, and students are afforded the opportunity to utilize FSU facilities in a safe and secure environment.
  • With the overall philosophy that safety is ultimately the responsibility of all individuals on or in FSU facilities, policies and procedures shall be written to enable individuals to help achieve this philosophy.
  • These policies and procedures are structured to encourage the involvement of faculty, staff, and students in order to promote health and safety as a part of every classroom, laboratory, and work site. Additionally, where applicable, regulations, standards, and guidance are identified and referenced in each policy.