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Policies and Procedures

Finance & Administration

4-OP-G-1 Environmental Health and Safety

Responsible Executive:​ Finance and Administration
Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Effective Date: January 1, 2014
Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time



EH&S will work to ensure that activities conducted at FSU are in compliance with regulations, statutes, guidance, and prudent practices applicable to the area of concern. Each departmental program area will reference the appropriate selection of federal, state, and/or local rules.


The objective of the environmental health and safety policies at FSU is to ensure that faculty, staff, and students are afforded the opportunity to utilize FSU facilities in a safe and secure environment.

With the overall philosophy that safety is ultimately the responsibility of all individuals on or in FSU facilities, policies and procedures shall be written to enable individuals to help achieve this philosophy.

These policies and procedures are structured to encourage the involvement of faculty, staff, and students in order to promote health and safety as a part of every classroom, laboratory, and work site. Additionally, where applicable, regulations, standards, and guidance are identified and referenced in each policy.


EH&S is organized based on regulatory focused areas and functional similarities within. Each of the subsequent policies, programs, and procedures are written with that organization as the basis.

Additionally, operational goals shall address the University and Finance & Administration's Strategic Initiatives as referenced below.


It is the duty of every individual associated with FSU to place safety as a primary function of all activities.  Additionally, all activities should be conducted in a manner that will ensure environmental protection and, where possible, sustainability should be considered.

It is the responsibility of those individuals associated with EH&S to provide consultation and guidance to the University community on the applicability of health and safety regulations, standards, and guidance through policies, programs, and procedures to help ensure safety and compliance.


OP-G-2  Industrial Hygiene

OP-G-3  Biological Safety

OP-G-4  Chemical Safety

OP-G-5  Laboratory Safety

OP-G-6  Radiation Safety

OP-G-7  Building and Construction Safety

OP-G-8  Fire Safety

OP-E-5  Emergency Managment

OP-G-10  Insurance, Risk, and Workers' Compensation

OP-G-11  Safety Training