4-OP-A-2 Concessions Administration

Responsible Executive: Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time.


  • To specify the methods and responsibilities for administering concessions at Florida State University.


  • Under certain circumstances, concessions afford a means of providing products and services to the University community. Since the operation of a concession at the University involves some form of contractual arrangement between the University and private enterprise, the negotiation and administration of such arrangements must be carefully conducted to ensure that they are in accord with state statutes and various regulations.
  • All concessions that operate on University property or at University sponsored events will be negotiated and administered by the Director of the Office of Business Services, or his/her designee. The operation of concessions on University property or at University sponsored events is prohibited without the approval of the Director of the Office of Business Services, or the Vice-President for Student Affairs.
      1. The following definition will apply throughout this procedure:
        1. CONCESSION:
        2. A concession is an arrangement with a private party (which includes commercial vendors, student groups, and individuals) whereby the party is permitted to dispense products or provide services at University sponsored events or on University premises. Under such arrangements, the party or concessionaire is usually allowed to charge a reasonable fee for his products or services and may be granted certain privileges (such as the use of designated facilities). In return, the concessionaire usually provides consideration to the University.
      1. Arrangements concerning concessions that will operate on a continuing or long-term basis will be documented in a written contract. The terms of the contract will be negotiated by the Director of the Office of Business Services. The contract will be reviewed and approved by the University Attorney prior to execution. Depending on the type of concession, the contract will be signed by the Director of the Office of Business Services, his/her designee, or higher authority.
      2. Oral contracts will not be used for continuing or long-term concessions. When oral agreements are reached, the term of the agreement and the names and addresses of witnesses will be recorded in a memorandum and forwarded to the University Attorney. the Director of the Office of Business Services, or higher authority, is the only person authorized to enter into an oral contract for concessions.
      1. Arrangements for concessions on a one-time or short time basis may be made without formal written or oral contract if the Director of the Office of Business Services deems them to be in the best interest of the University. Organizations and individuals desiring to sponsor special concessions will make such requests in writing to the Director of the Office of Business Services, or his/her designee. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of the date that the special concession is to commence operations. The following special concessions for on-going student activities have been granted permission for an indefinite time, according to the following guidelines:
        1. Bake Sales, for registered University student organizations, are allowed once a month with one bake sale per day. Requests and approval for these sales are made through the Student Activities Center.
        2. Flea Markets for individual students, student groups and organizations, and non-students are permitted each Wednesday in the Union Courtyard. Persons wishing to reserve a table in the Flea Market must contact the Student Activities office and pay a fee for table reservations. Items may not be sold that are offered for sale in, or that are in direct competition with, any University unit such as the FSU Bookstore or retail stores located in the University Union.
        3. Concerts or performing artist merchandising arrangements as stipulated in artist's written agreement with the University and signed by the University's designated authority are permitted.
        4. The Director of the Office of Business Services or his/her designee will determine whether any University concessionaire's rights may be affected by the operation of the special event. The operation of a special concession without written approval from the Director of the Office of Business Services is prohibited.