4-OP-A-8 Supplier Diversity

Responsible Executive:​  Finance and Administration

Approving Official:          Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date:                 January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date:        December 5, 2014


  • BOG Regulation 1.001(7)
  • BOG Regulation 18.001
  • FSU-2.0151


  • The objective of this policy is to ensure and promote qualified small business participation in state contracting, which includes small businesses owned by ethnic/racial minorities, veteran and women. It is the ultimate goal of the University to have a diverse supplier base that provides the highest quality support services that are consistent with a world-class status the University seeks to achieve.


  • As a matter of policy, Florida State University (FSU) seeks to provide opportunities for businesses, including small and minority enterprises, in the procurement for goods and services and construction or related contracting. In establishing this policy, the University recognizes shared responsibility in the conduct of business that ensures fair and equitable processes to its stakeholders. The University firmly believes that in our free enterprise system, every attempt must be made to fully utilize all of our resources, human as well as material. Therefore, no potential supplier will be precluded from consideration on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, disability, veterans’, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression ,or national origin or any other protected group status.
    • Minority Business Enterprise
    1. The term "Minority Business Enterprise" means a company that is at least 51 percent owned, controlled and operated by a person(s) representing a racial minority group and is a citizen of the United States (African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans). This term also refers to American women who are not a member of an ethnic minority classification and to veterans.
    2. Responsibility and Coordination
    3. Every employee who is delegated the responsibility to either directly or indirectly commit the expenditure of funds for the purchase of goods and services, construction or related contracting, is charged with the task of making this objective a reality. The Director of Procurement Services or designee is responsible for administering the FSU Supplier Diversity Policy. This person will lead our supplier diversity effort, monitor and report our progress, and make recommendations for improvement and ongoing success. FSU’s success, however, is dependent upon the participation and commitment of all those who impact the outcome of this policy. The University has adopted a policy of supplier diversity with respect to its own contracting and purchasing and will seek to assure that all of its contractors, subcontractors, and vendors abide by the spirit and intent of this policy statement.