4-OP-A-4 Food & Vending Services

Responsible Executive: Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: 6/8/17 - contact information was updated


  • To specify the responsibility for managing food and vending services and to describe the types of services available at Florida State University.


  • Food and vending services are provided on the Florida State University campus or at University sponsored events by vendors operating under service contracts administered by the Director of the Office of Business Services. The establishment of food and vending service contracts at Florida State University is the responsibility of the Director of the Office of Business Services.
      1. With the exception of Crenshaw Lanes, Florida State University School, the University Center Club, and athletic event concessions, all campus food services facilities are operated on an exclusive basis by the University’s contracted vendor, more commonly known as Seminole Dining. In addition to operating campus dining facilities, retail food locations and convenience stores, Seminole Dining provides catering services on a non-exclusive basis to the campus. To contact Seminole Dining or for more information, visit seminoledining.com or call 644-3663.
      1. Legacy Catering should be contacted well in advance of the catered event to plan menus, space, and any special arrangements for the event. The Legacy Catering office telephone is (850) 644-7509 or email LegacyCateringFSU@aramark.com
      1. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold and consumed in accordance with statutory requirements and at approved locations on the FSU campus. Legacy Catering should be contacted regarding the provision of alcoholic beverages at catered events.
      1. Seminole Dining offers a variety of meal plans to students, faculty and staff. Seminole Dining should be contacted for details concerning meal plans or visit the Seminole Dining website at seminoledining.com.
      1. The University has vending contracts to provide beverages, snacks, and other products (as approved by the Director of the Office of Business Services) on campus.  For a list of FSU’s contracted vending vendors, visit obs.fsu.edu.   Requests for the installation or removal of vending equipment should be made by contacting the Customer Service area of the Office of Business Services at obs@fsu.edu or (850) 644.3279.
    6. REFUNDS
      1. A decal is affixed to each vending machine indicating where refunds may be obtained. Refunds for cash or FSUCash transactions may be obtained by visiting the FSUCard Center, located at the Woodward Ave. Parking Garage, 104 N. Woodward Ave.  Refunds for debit/credit transactions should be obtained by contacting the debit/credit card issuer.
      1. Service requests concerning the operation of vending machines may be made by contacting the Office of Business Services at obs@fsu.edu or (850) 644.3279.