4-OP-C-5 ID Card

Responsible Executive:‚Äč Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time.


  • To describe the University's official identification card program, known as the FSUCard Program.


  • The FSUCard (ID Card) is a multi-application, ISO standard magnetic stripe card, allowing the card to provide greatly augmented services to the University and cardholders. FSUCard numbers are published in University systems to allow access to various services (e.g. checking out books at the library, security access to campus buildings, residence halls and computer labs, financial transactions via electronic and card-based commerce) at the University level, as well as the surrounding community. Misuse of one's FSUCard may result in revocation of the card and related services plus disciplinary action.
      1. Photo identification cards (FSUCards) are issued to members (students, faculty, staff, vendors and guests) of the University community depending on the nature, or business, of their affiliation with the University. By accepting the FSUCard, an individual agrees to abide by any rules and regulations that pertain to the use of University facilities, activities or services. Possession of an FSUCard does not negate the cardholder from paying any admission fees or service charges that may apply to a given facility, activity or service.
        1. Faculty/Staff - FSUCards are issued to permanent full-time and part-time faculty and staff.
        2. Student - FSUCards are issued to all students (e.g. current, Orientation, distance learning and those who have been admitted to the University and are attending Preview). The issuance of an FSUCard is dependent on admission to the University and no longer on course enrollment.
        3. Specialty Cards - FSUCards made for various specialty groups such as Leach Center membership, courtesy or vendor ID cards. The fee for these cards may vary depending on the requirements for the card design and the information that is printed or encoded on the card.
        4. Retired Faculty/Staff - Retired faculty and staff are eligible to receive an FSUCard. Services offered to the cardholder in this category are dependent upon the policies of the facility providing the service.
      1. The FSUCard Program offers many innovative features and services to its cardholders such as a debit banking account, pre-paid value purse (FSUCash), and campus building security access. A cardholder's eligibility is dependent upon their current affiliation to the University. The FSUCard expires five (5) years from the date of the FSUCard agreement. To renew the FSUCard, the card holder should visit the FSUCard Center.
    3. FEES
      1. Fees for all FSUCard services can be found at fsucard.fsu.edu.