4-OP-H-3 Requisitioning Copier-Duplicator Equipment & Services

Responsible Executive:​ Finance and Administration

Approving Official: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Last Revision Date: Unrevised at this time


  • Requisitioning commodities and contractual services that include commodities from sources outside the University (4-OP B-2-1.1)


  • To specify the methods, responsibilities and rationale in securing copier-duplicator equipment and services by University departments.


  • The State of Florida Department of Management Services requires the University to monitor and evaluate all requests for copier equipment. The Director of the Office of Business Services or his/her designee  has been designated as the individual responsible for such review at Florida State University.
      1. A copier shall be defined as a multi-functional device that allows for walk-up document duplication, document printing over a network, and document scanning to various media in both monochrome and/or color.
      1. The Office of Business has a campus –wide contract to provide copier service and equipment to the University. For FSU’s current contracted provider, a complete list of equipment, pricing, benefits, and more, visit copier.fsu.edu.
      2. New Orders: Requests for new copier equipment and/ or services should be submitted on a Departmental Copier Agreement to the Customer Service area of the Office of Business Services. The requesting department will be contacted by the OBS Customer Service area who will coordinate order fulfillment, delivery, installation, and training and will forward orders to OBS Accounting for billing. Orders submitted with a Sponsored Research project and fund code may be subject to additional approvals before the order can be processed. All copier equipment will be networked and managed to allow for automated meter readings, proactive schedule of service and dispatch of supplies.
      3. Change Orders: Departments requesting changes to their copier service lease agreements should submit a Change Order form to OBS Customer Service. A Change Order form is required for informational changes (Contact Name change, Project or Fund Code changes, etc.), copier relocation, and additional accessory requests or removals.
      4. Service Requests: The Office of Business Services or its authorized vendor is responsible for installation, maintenance, repair, and relocation of departmental copier equipment. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the OBS Customer Service area at obs@fsu.edu.
      5. Supply Orders: Copier equipment will automatically order toner and ship directly to departments as needed. Requests for staples should be made in writing and sent to OBS Customer Service at obs@fsu.edu. Paper can be purchased by departments by submitting an Interdepartmental Requisition form to obs@fsu.edu.
      6. NOTE: All equipment and paper orders must have the name of an authorized individual that can be confirmed by OBS Customer Service using the University’s Authorized Signature list.
      1. The rationale underlying the lease or purchase of copier equipment and services on Florida State University campus is based on the least overall cost to the University. Whenever possible, it will be the policy of the Office of Business Services to consolidate and combine equipment consistent with industry standards to reduce costs and provide an appropriate level of service to adequately meet the needs of the University community. All copier equipment will be networked and managed to allow for automated meter readings, proactive schedule of service and dispatch of supplies. Billing is centralized within OBS Accounting to allow for consolidated monthly invoicing for departments.
      2. Exceptions can be made for departments requesting copier equipment and services who operate outside of the FSU main campus and/or Tallahassee. These expectations will be at the discretion of the Office of Business Services Assistant Director of Customer Service & Product Development. Requests that are excluded will be sent to FSU Purchasing.